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Recent works may not yet be available due to premiere status requirements. I look forward to sharing them with you on the other side of festival season!

Coming soon:

Naked (dir. 
Daniela Rojo, 2022)

Re-recording Mixer

Eyes Open (Jawed J.S. 2022)
Sound Editor, Re-release

Warmth (dir. Jawed J.S., 2022)
Sound Editor, Re-release



Re-recording Mixer, Production Mixer | Saboteur (2022) directed by Pablo Sebastien

Re-recording Mixer | Bittersweet (2022) directed by Lara Tai

Sound Editor, Foley Artist | Transaction (2021) directed by Jawed J.S.

Re-recording Mixer | Sonder (2021) directed by Dhruval Patel


Re-recording Mixer | LRA51 (2021) directed by Fran Zayas

Re-recording Mixer | Unlocked (2021) directed by Hannah Rideout

Re-recording Mixer | Mockumentary (2021) directed by Kobe Banks

Re-recording Mixer | ReConnect (2021) directed by Victor Wiercioch, Alex Lerke

Re-recording Mixer | Black Tuesday (2020) directed by Melody Omeogo

Location Mixer | Long & McQuade Promotional Video (2019)

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