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Audio Delivery Specs

  • Audio Delivery format must be OMF or AAF (AAF is preferred as OMF doesn’t retain metadata and has 2 GB File Size Limit, and larger projects must be broken into individual reels when it exceeds 2 GB)

  • Audio File Format: Uncompressed Broadcast WAVE (.wav)

  • Audio Sample Rate: 48 khz (48,000 Hz)

  • Audio Bit Depth: 24 Bits

  • Audio Handles: Minimum of 5 Seconds, 10 Seconds is Prefered (10 Seconds = 240 frames @ 23.976, 300 frames @ 29.97, etc)

  • Include 2-Pop 1khz Tone for exactly 1 frame at exactly 2 Seconds before start of video

  • Timecode Format & Frame Rate must match Reference Video

  • Include a copy of all original assets from production audio, alternate takes, & original score & alt versions.

Picture Delivery Specs

  • Video File with visual burn in of timecode in the lower thirds.

  • Resolution must be HD, 1080p is prefered and 720p is the minimum. Do not deliver higher resolution files.

  • File Formats: Apple ProRes (Proxy), DNxHD & H.264